" RMD Boats boats in no need of conservation from the user."







:: RMD Boats started its activity in December of 2011 Our goal is to create floating units, yachts, recreational and working boats of construction, which does not require conservation by the user. ::

Influence on natural environment was one of the key factors, which were considered during the choice of material and construction technology. That is because the pleasure associated with relaxation (both on sweet and salty waters) while surrounded by nature is full, only when it is sure that the floating unit is environment-friendly, and can be recycled in 100% after its usage.


After a long analyse of exploitation values and influence on the environment, all the way throughout its utilisation period, it has been confirmed that the High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is the material that fulfils all preset conditions.



The unsubmersibility of a polyethylene-based unit results from the fact that the density of polyethylene equals 0,95 g/cm3 which is superior to water’s density, which is 1 g/cm3. This makes the boat float on the surface of sweet water. Comparison with sea water provides even better results, , since sea water’s density stands at 1,025 g/cm3.


Henceforth by using the manual and extrusive welding of the polyethylene materials (thermoplastic) the produced unit turns out to be unsinkable, in no need of conservation, as well as resistant to most physical damage, and recyclable in 100%.


In order to meet the aforementioned objectives, on 06.12.2011 we applied to the National Economy Bank (Bank Gospodarstwa krajowego, BGK) for financial support, in accordance with the Działania 4.3 Kredyt Technologiczny, Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka, projektu „Sposób wytwarzania małych i średnich (do 24 m długości) jednostek i obiektów pływających o konstrukcji z niezatapialnych materiałów.